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Vertical kneader

Vertical kneader is a new mixing machine with high performance, high efficiency, easy to clean and to maintain, which is innovated and improved based on dual planetary mixer. The double knives agitators rotate following the planetary trajectory, and can be adjusted different mixing speed.

Product Description

Vertical kneader is a machine with two biphase kneading blades. Because of the design, kneading axle is allowed to get support from bearing and seal can be finished outside of container. It is convenient for production of absolute pure compounds.

Vertical kneader works well(perfect kneading and dispersing) based on inner gearing kneading blades, one blade rotating round the other one in planetary motion type while two blades stripping. It can knead thoroughly and disperse perfectly in a very short time with strong increase and reduce pressure and shear stress. Kneading blades are far above roller bearing, without contacting the product. The machine is driven by gear reducer with adjustable frequency converter.

Application Industry: Dental compounds (plastic or ceramic), Industrial ceramics, MIM (metal injection molding), CIM (ceramic injection molding), Medicine and cosmetics, Lubricating oil, Color masterbatch (ink), Battery compounds.

Technical Parameters:

vertical kneader for making dental compounds

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Vertical kneader machine

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