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Semi-automatic liquid filling machine

Semi-automatic liquid filling machine, from wuxi yinyan, we always offer as a supporting equipment for our multi-functional mixing machine according to our customers' requirements.

Product Description

Semi-automatic liquid filling machine adopts gravimetric method or liquid-level to measure. The filter device can be added before filling to guarantee the quality of products. The equipment has advantages of high filling efficiency and small filling error. This machine is widely used in industries such as coating, printing ink, paint, asphalt, glue, lubricating oil, petro chemical, fine chemical etc. It is not only suitable for the filling of liquid, but also for filling of ointment product.

Applicable Materials: Materials shall be with viscosity less than 50,000cps, liquid or slurry with a certain liquidity such as edible oil, emulsion paint, color paste, industrial paint, curing agent, organic solvent, water- based ink, suspension concentrate, adhesive, detergent, etc.

Application Industry: Suitable for filling materials in industries such as coating, ink, adhesive(glue), resin, chemical solvent, lubricating oil, pesticide, etc.

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Semi-automatic filling machine

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