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YINYAN- the professional manufacturer of gel planetary mixer

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Wuxi YINYAN Chemical Equipment & Technology Co, Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high viscosity planetary mixer (gel double planetary mixer, etc.)  and a professional provider of customized  dual planetary mixer equipment , including R&D, design, sale, and manufacturing.
The application of adhesive is very wide, including industries such as civil construction, paper and plants, cars, planes and ships, electronic and electrical equipment, medical and health care, etc. Because the viscosity and properties of adhesive are different, the main mixing equipment is also different. According to the different characteristics, especially viscosity, YINYAN will recommend the suitable mixer, including two-shaft mixer, tri-shaft mixer, dual planetary mixer equipment. YINYAN will offer the design and manufacturing of gel double planetary mixer according to the production process requirements. YINYAN offers the manufacturing of adhesive planetary mixers as well as the complete production line.
Yinyan dual planetary mixer equipment which are widely used in industries such as petro-chemical, chemical industry, power station, pharmaceutical, coating, daily cosmetic, food, metallurgy, lithium battery, pesticides, detergents, building materials, asphalt emulsion modification, papermaking, printing inks, lubricants, dyeing and textile auxiliaries etc.