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YINYAN Reprinted: a second round of environmental inspections is about to begin

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Wuxi YINYAN is specialized in design, manufacturing and sale for both class Ⅰ,Ⅱ & Ⅲ pressure vessels and high-viscosity slurry mixers for years. With the beginning of the second round of environmental inspections, as an equipment manufacturer, Wuxi YINYAN will continue to actively cooperate with the national environmental protection policy, and strive to do more to the society in the process of our own development.
Zhai Qing, vice minister of ecology and environment, said at a press conference held by the state council information office: According to the plans of the CPC central committee and the state council, a new round of inspections will be carried out from 2019 to 2020 and 2021. And will spend the year 2022 to look back on some localities and departments. At present, the second round of the first batch of central ecological and environmental protection inspectors stationed preparations have been basically ready, will be launched in the near future. Specific inspection places, including other inspection objects, will be disclosed to the public immediately after approval by the central government.
The latest round of environmental inspectors in 2019 will be stronger and have a bigger impact on the industry, according to recent signals from relevant national authorities. As a manufacturer of pressure vessels and high-viscosity slurry mixers, Wuxi YINYAN will further standardize the internal production process, and at the same time increase the research and development of products to meet the needs of market development.