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YINYAN Reprinted: Market overview of lithium battery adhesives in China

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Wuxi YINYAN is specialized in manufacturing high-viscosity slurry mixers, including dual planetary mixer, multi-functional mixer, dual shaft mixer, discharging machine, etc. YINYAN is very concerned about the adhesive market at home and abroad. The introduction of China's lithium ion battery adhesive is as below.
Lithium ion battery adhesive is a kind of high molecular compound, which is the non-active component dual planetary mixerin the lithium ion battery electrode. It is one of the most important materials for producing lithium ion battery electrodes.
The main function of the adhesive is to connect the active material of the electrode, the conductive agent and the electrode collector, so that there is an overall connectivity between them, so as to reduce the impedance of the electrode, and at the same time make the electrode sheet have good mechanical properties and machinable properties, to meet the needs of actual production. The amount of adhesive is very small, accounting for less than 1% of the total cost, but there is no substitute. 
Market overview of lithium battery adhesives
As the auxiliary material, the growth rate of adhesive is roughly in line with that of lithium-ion batteries, which means that the demand for lithium battery adhesive will also increase by about 30%.

It is estimated by adding 5% in the production of anode and cathode, in 2017, the demand of anode material is about 210,000 tons, the demand of cathode material is about 80,000 tons, and the demand of adhesive is about 14,500 tons.
With a growth rate of 30%, domestic demand will exceed 30,000 tons by 2020.
Lithium battery adhesive classification
According to the properties of the dispersion medium, it can be divided into oil-based adhesive and water-based adhesive.
(1) Oil-based type adhesive, the material is usually PVDF5130 and HSV900.
(2) Water-based type adhesive, the material is usually PTFE emulsion, SBR emulsion, PAA emulsion.
Company profile of lithium battery adhesive industry:
Domestic research and development of PVDF adhesive is less, the market is basically monopolized by foreign enterprises. The main manufacturers of positive adhesives are listed below: 
YINYAN dual planetary mixer
At present, the market of high-end water-based adhesive is almost dominated by Japanese enterprises such as Zeon, JSR, Sojitz, among which Zeon Corporation is the leading enterprise of negative water-based adhesive. In recent years, domestic products have made progress gradually, and there is still more room for import substitution.