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YINYAN Reprint: Analysis on China Adhesive Development Trend

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Wuxi YINYAN is a manufacturer of adhesive dual planetary mixer. The following content is reproduced from adhesives online for analysis on development trend of adhesive in China.
Combined with the application cases of YINYAN adhesive mixer in various kinds of adhesive production, and the information collected from adhesive industry, YINYAN also agrees with the following opinions.
1. Environment-friendly adhesive
Traditional adhesives contain benzene, toluene and volatile organic solvents, which endanger human health, pollute the environment and pose the risk of combustion or explosion in storage or preparation. The environmentally friendly adhesive has the advantages of non-toxic safety and environmental friendliness, which represents the main trend of adhesive market development.
2. High performance adhesive
Although the adhesive output in China has risen to the third place in the world, it mainly produces general and low grade adhesives. The production ratio of high value-added adhesives, such as polyurethane adhesive, epoxy adhesive, silicone and silicone modified acrylate adhesive, is still very low, and the variety is single. Compared with foreign similar products, there is a big gap in quality. Therefore, the development of new adhesives with high performance and high added value, such as excellent water resistance, weather resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength and high flame retardancy, will become the research and development hotspot of adhesives in China and a new profit growth point in the market.
3.Nanotechnology is gaining popularity
In order to develop environmentally friendly adhesives and meet the diverse needs of various application fields of the industry, new technologies, especially nano-technology, undoubtedly represent the future of the adhesive industry.
4.Scale and intensification
At present, most are small and medium-sized enterprises in China, some are small workshop enterprises. Most of the products produced by these enterprises are low-end products, relying on mass production, low profit and high turnover to obtain relatively low profit returns. With the increase of raw materials and labor cost, the adhesive industry in China accelerates the adjustment of scale structure, industrial scale reorganization, and concentration to advantageous enterprises to realize the intensive and large-scale development of adhesive.