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YINYAN multi-functional vertical dual planetary mixer—customer experiment for mixing new material

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Wuxi YINYAN chemical equipment & technology co., ltd, we have offered design and manufacturing of many kinds of mixing equipment to customers from many kinds of industries since it had been established 10 years ago, at the same time we also offer services such as assisting in installation and debugging. The application of our equipment is very large, our main equipment includes fluorine chemical equipment, such as heat exchanger, column/tower, etc. and multi-functional mixing equipment, vertical dual planetary mixer, and so on, accessory equipment such as extrusion machine.
Wuxi YINYAN, as a customized mixing equipment manufacturer, we also offer free service to customer of doing experiments in our factory through YINYAN vertical dual planetary mixer. And our technician will assist customer to do experiment, after successful passing test of the mixing materials, then the next step we could discuss some details about the mixer.

vertical dual planetary mixer

The photo above is one customer doing experiment using vertical dual planetary mixer. When the customer study and develop the new product, they don’t very clear about the production processes and configurations of the mixing equipment, so they need to do experiments to prove these data. After discussed first, we confirmed our vertical dual planetary mixer could meet their new material’s characteristics. So we advised customer come to our factory and do experiments by using our lab scale vertical dual planetary mixer.
YINYAN vertical multi-functional dual planetary mixer, its main consists of lifting system, mixing system, machine rack, etc. options of temperature control system, vacuum system, etc. And its mixing system ordinary is composed of low-speed dual shaft mixing agitator, single high-speed dispersing shaft, options of scrapers, etc. Generally, the low-speed mixing agitator has many types, such as twist type, frame type, paddle type, etc. And the high-speed dispersing shaft always uses dispersing discs, so the components of mixing structure is also various. We always recommend the suitable design of mixing structure to customers, which can completely meet customers’ actual production processes.    
Much more details about YINYAN vertical dual planetary mixer and free experiment service, welcome to contact us!