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YINYAN:Introduction of solventless environment-friendly adhesive

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Wuxi YINYAN is professional in offering customized mixing solutions in adhesive industry. YINYAN offers two-shaft mixer, three-shaft mixer, dual planetary mixer, extrusion machine, high viscosity filling machine, etc. Here, we mainly introduce solventless environment-friendly adhesive.
Environment-friendly adhesives refer to adhesives without organic solvents or with low content of organic adhesives. In terms of environmental protection, it refers to the adhesive that is friendly to consumers, processors, environment and resources and meets the three requirements of "environmental protection, health and safety". In the sense of environmental protection, environmental protection adhesives are divided into: water-based type, hot-melt type, solventless type, uv curing type, high solid content type, biodegradable type.
Solventless adhesive (also known as reactive adhesive)
1 Brief introduction
Solvent-free refers to the adhesive that does not contain a solvent, and will not cause pollution and harm, because there is no solvent to the atmosphere. The majority of epoxy, anaerobic, -cyanoacrylate, aerobic modified acrylate structural adhesives, solvent-free polyurethane, and uv-curing adhesives are solventless.
2 Classification
In recent years, solvent-free adhesive developed rapidly in foreign countries. From the technical level, the first generation of products has developed to the current third generation of products. The first solvent - free adhesive is one - component wet - curing adhesive. The second generation solvent - free adhesive is a two - component reaction type. The third generation of solvent-free adhesive overcomes the shortcomings of the second generation, the quality of composite products, can achieve the quality of solvent-based adhesive composite products. The main characteristics of the third generation of solvent-free adhesive are: (1) the main agent use isocyanate oligomer, which reduce the content of cyanate in the adhesive, further reduce the pollution to the environment, and at the same time change the problem of poor heat sealing strength; (2) reduce the viscosity of the adhesive, improve the wettability of the adhesive to the film, and improve the coating dispersibility of the adhesive on the film surface. Therefore, it can not only improve the quality of solvent-free adhesive composite products, but also improve the machine speed and increase the production efficiency.
3 Advantages and disadvantages
Compared with other types of adhesives, solvent-free adhesives have characteristics as below:
 (1) Solvent-free adhesives do not contain organic solvents, so they are non-flammable, non-explosive, easy to transport and safe to store.
 (2) Solvent-free adhesive compound products without residual solvents, non-toxic, harmless, no odor.
 (3) In the production operation, no solvent is released into the air, which does not affect the health of the personnel concerned.
 (4) Solvent-free composite equipment without drying system has the characteristic of less energy consumption.
 (5) The production speed is fast and the efficiency is high.
 (6) The comprehensive cost of solvent adhesive is relatively low.
 (7) Less investment: although the price of solvent-free adhesive products is higher than solvent-based products, the overall cost is lower than solvent-based type. Because solvent products need drying and other processes, the production speed is slow, and the quality control is more complex, so the comprehensive cost is high. However, the initial investment in solvent-free equipment is relatively high.
4 Main Manufacturer
Dow, Henkel, Comens Material, Huitian New Materials, Kangda New Materials, Dongguan Xinyuanjing Technology, Heshibao.