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YINYAN:Introduction of medical adhesive & adhesive mixer

Large Middle Small Source:Yinyan View:- Date:2018-12-31 10:00:01

With the development of medical science, adhesive is applied more and more in medical field. Here, YINYAN gives a short introduction of medical adhesive and adhesive vacuum planetary mixer.
There are many types of medical adhesives, it can be divided into:
 (1) Soft tissue medical adhesive: used for adhesives of skin, organs, nerves, muscles, blood vessels and mucous membranes.
 (2) Hard tissue adhesive: used for adhesives for fixing teeth, bones, and artificial joints.
 (3) Medical PSA (pressure-sensitive adhesive): basically similar to industrial pressure sensitive adhesive. Its raw materials are mainly copolymer with acrylate as the main component, and composited with natural rubber or synthetic rubber and viscosity-increasing resin.
 (4) Adhesive for medical devices: the adhesives include epoxy adhesives, acrylic structure adhesives, uv curing adhesives, etc.
 (5) Adhesive for medical electronic products: mainly include epoxy adhesives, uv curing adhesives, etc.
Medical adhesive requires the certification of medical institutions because it refers to human tissue and is related to life safety. Medical adhesive is currently monopolized by foreign brands such as Henkel and 3M and adhesive enterprises in China rarely get involved. Therefore, We should strength R&D of medical adhesive.
In terms of sanitary materials, nappies, paper diapers, women's sanitary napkins and other FMCG products have developed at an amazing speed and become the industry with the largest amount of adhesive in the medical and health industry. It mainly refers to hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive.

adhesive vacuum planetary mixer
Adhesive mixer is the main production equipment of medical adhesive, and it can be divided into:
1. Dual-shaft mixer: suitable for low and medium viscosity adhesives (below 100,000 cps), have butterfly type-and-disperser, anchor type-and-disperser , etc. Various agitator types are optional. Vacuum, heating, cooling, condensation, etc, are optional functions.
2. Thir-shaft mixer: suitable for medium viscosity adhesives (below 200,000cps), have anchor type-and-double disperser, anchor type-and-disperser-and-spiral type, anchor type-and-disperser-paddle type etc. Vacuum, heating, cooling, etc. are optional functions.
3. Dual panetary mixer: suitable for products with high, medium and low viscosity (up to 6,000,000cps). Different agitators (paddle type, frame type, twist type, claw type, etc.) are optional. And tooth-disc is available if required. Vacuum, heating, cooling, etc are optional functions. A complete of range of specifications, including lab type and manufacturing type, can meet various production of adhesives.