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YINYAN high viscous past dual planetary mixing blender

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Wuxi YINYAN is offering customized high viscous blender, it is also called high viscous dual planetary paste mixer. It can be used for dispersing and mixing the fluid paste and powder, powder and liquid, liquid and liquid, liquid and paste, etc. Here YINYAN engineer tell you some points about how to choose a suitable high viscous dual planetary paste mixer which can completely meet all your requirements. 
1.Contact us, we are professional manufacturer who is offering customized mixing equipment. We will recommend the customers suitable mixer type and mixing structure component of high viscous blender, according to the basic information from customers, such as the material properties including the viscosity, solid content, and general production processes; and if there is need heating / cooling or vacuum during the processes.
2.Our factory always offers some lab scale dual planetary mixer, multi-functional mixer, etc. For customers to do experiments for free. It will be very helpful for customers to choose suitable paste dual planetary mixer which can meet their actual production processes.

3.All engineers from YINYAN have rich experiences for offering high viscous paste mixing solutions and providing good advice to help customer to determine their high viscous paste mixing blender.

 high viscous dual planetary paste mixer
Much more detailed information about high viscous past mixing blender, and how to choose the suitable mixing equipment. Welcome to contact Wuxi YINYAN!