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YINYAN high-speed dual planetary disperser mixer machine

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Wuxi YINYAN chemical equipment & technology co., ltd, we are a practical manufacturer with over 10 years’ actual experiences. We are expert for offering customers mixing equipment, including dual planetary disperser mixer for mixing high viscous materials, multi-functional mixer for middle and low viscous materials, such as twin shaft mixer, triple shaft mixer, high-speed mixer, mixing vessel or tank, etc.
Then, how could customer choose the high quality dual planetary disperser mixer? Here, we will introduce some points about quality requirements of YINYAN double planetary disperser mixer.
First, as the working principle of YINYAN dual planetary disperser mixer, its mixing structure consists of low-speed mixing agitator, options of single shaft or double-shaft dispersing and scrapers device; both low-speed and high-speed are rotating around the center of the mixing tank, at the same time, they also are revolution around their own axis center. This kind running track has strong shearing, kneading, and can reach the effect of dissolving and mixing uniform in a short time.

double planetary disperser mixer
Second, as the components of YINYAN dual planetary disperser mixer, it has some special features as below:
1.YINYAN dual planetary disperser mixer has a set of double low-speed mixing agitator, according to the actual characteristics of materials, there are many agitator types for options, such as paddle type, twist type, frame type, etc. one or two high-speed mixing agitator, it is always used for dispersing disc or emulsifying head; In additional, according to the production process or customer’s other requirements, we will design the scrapers, wall scraper or bottom scraper, they can keep no residual on the inner wall of the mixing tank. And its effect is much times of the common mixer, it can completely finish the well quality product in a very short time.
2.The main application of YINYAN dual planetary disperser mixer is wildly used for dissolving, dispersing, mixing, blending, reaction of the power, high viscous, high density materials, and we will offer the suitable design of mixing structure according to customer’s requirement or production processes.
3.Option of vacuum system, which can keep the mixing processes completely under the vacuum environment;
4.The mixing tank could be designed with jacket, can reach the function of heating and cooling, and the heating method could be steam heating, cycle of hot water or hot oil, intelligent temperature controller, controlling the precision temperature and ensure keep the liquid materials mixing perfect.
Much more details about YINYAN dual planetary disperser mixer, welcome to contact us!