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YINYAN factory will attend the 22th China Adhesive Show with dual planetary dispersion mixer

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Wuxi yinyan chemical equipment & technology co., ltd, as a manufacturer with rich manufacturing experience, we are offering services that providing customized mixing equipment for our customers. Our mixing equipment includes pressure vessel, reactor, high speed dispersion mixer, dual shaft mixer, double planetary mixer, etc. It has very wide application such as chemical industry, building, new energy, pharmaceutical, textile materials, daily chemical, etc.  

From Sep. 18th to 20th, the 22th China Adhesive and Sealant Exhibition will be held up at Shanghai in China. This exhibition as an important showing window for the industries of adhesive, sealant, adhesive tape, sticker. It has 25000 expert visitors, 500 exhibitors, and its exhibition area is 30000 square meters. Wuxi YINYAN will bring 2 sets of dual planetary dispersion mixers to attend this exhibition.

double planetary mixer

YINYAN double planetary mixer, could be customized according to customer’s actual production processes requirements, to make it can meet customer’s production completely. The double planetary mixer is suitable for making all kinds of slurry that the viscosity is under 3,000,000 cps and the solid content is less than 90%. Such as battery paste, solder paste, ceramic slurry, glass glue, silica gel, sealants, structural adhesive, potting glue, hot melt adhesive, white latex, anaerobic adhesive, hardening adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive, pu adhesive, epoxy adhesive, organic silicone, conductive glue, all-purpose adhesive, polyamide adhesive, osmotic glue, waterproof glue, electrical and electronic special glue, glue, adhesive, silicone rubber for automobile, etc.
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Hope Wuxi Yinyan will achieve great success in this exhibition!