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YINYAN dual planetary mixer construction glue mixing machine

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YINYAN dual planetary mixer for mixing construction glue is an efficient and multi-functional mixing equipment, which combines reaction, mixing, blending, dispersing together. It is suitable for various kinds of industries, for mixing high viscous and high solid content materials such as liquid and liquid, solid and liquid, paste and paste, powder and paste, etc.
The working principle of YINYAN dual planetary mixer construction glue mixing machine: 
This construction glue mixing machine consists of reduced motor, planetary rack, mixing agitator, scrapers, mixing tank, hydraulic system and machine rack, etc. When the planetary rack is running, the two mixing shafts are running rotation around the center of the mixing tank, at the same time they are also running revolution. Then it makes the mixture materials by strong shearing and kneading to reach the purpose of dispersing and mixing completely. There is a set of scrapers is rotating with the mixing agitator together, scraping the inner wall of mixing tank, which is finishing precision by big vertical lathe and polishing process. It can ensure there is no any residual and no dead corner, to keep the mixture product stable and mixing effect.
The applicable materials of YINYAN dual planetary mixer:
1. Various lithium battery slurry and paste
2. Solder paste, electrical electrode paste, ceramic slurry, magnetic materials, silicone ink, electronic coatings, electronic adhesives, electronic sealant adhesive, hot melt adhesive, various precious metal powder, paste;
3. Sealant adhesives, resin rubber, silicon oil, dye, coating, ink, putty, milling paste, lubricating grease, ceramic pigment slurry; 
4. various soft ointment, polymer gel, capsule, syrup, teeth taste, various powder objects;
5. Moisturizer, lipstick, lotion, gel, mask, mascara, foundation, nail polish, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser;
6, all kinds of paste, mixture paste, seasoning, jam, chocolate sauce.
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