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YINYAN dual planetary mixer machine for high viscosity adhesive making

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Wuxi YINYAN chemical Equipment & technology co., ltd, we are offering non-standard mixing equipment which is wildly used in many chemical industries. Especially YINYAN dual planetary mixer is wildly used for mixing high viscous glue, adhesive, etc.    
YINYAN dual planetary mixer machine for high viscosity adhesive making, the double planetary mixer which is a new mixing machine with high performance, high efficiency, easy to clean and to maintain. The Double agitators of this equipment rotate and at the samtime revolve around the axle. The agitators are divided by the viscosity and characteristics of the material, usually including paddle type, twist type, claw type, frame type etc., having good mixing, reacting, kneading, dissolving effect. The high-speed disperser consists of multi-layer toothed disc with super high linear speed. It also rotates and at the same time revolve around the axle with strong dispersing effect so that it can disperse the powder (additive) in the liquid rapidly. The mixer is equipped with a separate set of scrapers to scrape the sides of the barrel and the mixing paddle can be added a scraper as well, so that it can scrape the bottom of the barrel and avoid dead corner to ensure the stability of the product. The double planetary mixer machine adopts planetary gear wheel drive. There is a large output torque, suitable for high temperature, high solids, high viscosity, and other difficult working conditions. This equipment is closed design, can be used with a vacuum system to realize vacuum mixing. Mixing bucket can be designed with a heating jacket, matching mold temperature controller, to realize thermostatic mixing function. It's the first choice of dispersing and mixing equipment for the high-viscosity materials.
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Applicable Industries of YINYAN dual planetary mixer:
Suitable for dispersing and mixing materials in industries such as electronic silica gel, liquid silica gel, lubricating paste, electronic electrode paste, adhesive, rubber adhesive, solder paste, silicone sealant, polyurethane sealant, pigment, ointment, etc.. 

Features of YINYAN dual planetary mixer:
1. Mechanical seal and special seal between tank bodies make the product be mixed in vacuum;
2. Options of heating methods like electrical heating, steam heating, and oil or hot water cycle heating;
3. Equipping inner temperature measuring probe, keeping the temperature measuring precise;
4. Jacket can achieve the functions including cooling and heating;
5. The inner wall of the tank is fine machining by a large vertical lathe, to ensure that there is no material residual on the inner tank wall when the scrapers which are on the planetary frame rotating;
6. Wall scraper and bottom scraper are rotating with the agitator in the same speed, making the material move up and down and around, to achieve the good mixing effect in a very short time;
7. Adjustable speed of rotation and revolution, it is according to different production processes and material viscosity;
8. Options of motor powers and type according to different characteristics of production material.