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YINYAN dual planetary mixer in new materials’ application

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Wuxi yinyan chemical equipment & technology co., ltd. We are producing, processing, manufacturing dual planetary mixer, which can be used for mixing the new raw materials. Such as In optical materials, luminescent materials, photocatalytic materials, ceramic paste, graphene conductive materials, heat insulation materials, fireproof materials and so on.
Wuxi YINYAN dual planetary mixer can be customized according to the materials’ characteristics. There are many different designs of YINYAN dual planetary mixer. Such as the mixing agitator, heating method, lifting type, and so on.
If customers still can’t confirm the mixer model which they really want, YINYAN factory also offers lab scale dual planetary mixer to customer for doing experiments by free. But customers have to bring their own raw materials or similar materials, to confirm some technical parameters through these experiments.
The photo as below is result of one kind new material from a new customer, they have done experiment in YINYAN factory. And they brought the finished materials back to their laboratory, did a series of tests. And then they found YINYAN dual planetary mixer can completely meet their mixing requirements.

YINYAN dual planetary mixer
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