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YINYAN:Development analysis of adhesive & adhesive planetary vacuum mixer

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With the development of various industries, the development direction of adhesive and adhesive planetary vacuum mixer is analyzed from YINYAN as follows.
In recent years, with the rapid development of automobile, household appliances, building materials, aerospace industry, decoration engineering, water transportation and information industry, electronic instruments and electronic appliances, the demand of adhesive and adhesive varieties under different conditions are increasing in various industries. Meanwhile, higher and higher requirements have also been put forward for adhesive itself, the efficiency and environmental pollution of the adhesion process. Adhesive planetary vacuum mixer also faces the same challenge. Overall, the future development direction of adhesive is as follows:
Firstly, With the rising of environmental protection and the improvement of environmental protection laws and regulations, environment-friendly adhesive has gradually become the mainstream of development.
Secondly, in recent years, adhesives with high quality, high performance and high added value, have emerged as new profit growth points and new research hotspots in the adhesives market.
Thirdly, those adhesives with complex synthesis process and strict equipment requirements are difficult to popularize and apply. The high performance "green" environment-friendly adhesive with wide source of raw materials, easy preparation and convenient use will become the "favorite" of the market.
The development direction of adhesive also determines the development trend of the adhesive production equipment, especially the adhesive mixer. Which equipment are applied for adhesives production?
1. Dual-shaft mixer: suitable for low and medium viscosity adhesives (below 100,000 cps), have butterfly type-and-disperser, anchor type-and-disperser , etc. Various agitator types are optional. Vacuum, heating, cooling, condensation, etc, are optional functions.
2. Three-shaft mixer: suitable for medium viscosity adhesives (below 200,000cps), have anchor type-and-double disperser, anchor type-and-disperser-and-spiral type, anchor type-and-disperser-paddle type etc. Vacuum, heating, cooling, etc. are optional functions.
3. Dual planetary mixer: suitable for products with high, medium and low viscosity (up to 6,000,000cps). Different agitators (paddle type, frame type, twist type, claw type, etc.) are optional. And tooth-disc is available if required. Vacuum, heating, cooling, etc are optional functions. A complete of range of specifications, including lab type and manufacturing type, can meet various production of adhesives.
4. Extruder (Discharging machine): corollary equipment for dual planetary mixer. Specially used for adhesives with poor liquidity. And design different extrusion pressure as per the viscosity of the materials, max. can be up to 320T to discharge materials without any residue. The structure for lifting the tank up and discharge materials are optional to make it easier to coordinate with the next process, for instance, filling system.
5. Filling machine for high-viscosity materials: packaging specifications ranges from 0.5kg to 50kg, suitable for containers with different specification and made of different materials including semi-automatic and fully automatic type. It also can be customized.

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