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YINYAN customized multi-functional hydraulic lifting type glue mixer

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Wuxi YINYAN, we are operating customized mixing equipment, producing and selling pressure vessels. Our main products include multi-functional hydraulic lifting type mixer, dual shaft mixer, dual planetary high viscous mixer, etc. They are wildly used various adhesives and glue mixing processes.
YINYAN hydraulic lifting type mixer is one type of non-standard equipment, which is completely based on the customer's technological requirements for a reasonable selection, suitable for a variety of mixing operations. The lifting support has hydraulic, electric and pneumatic three options, flexible and convenient, a device can be configured with several mixing tanks. There are many kinds of impellers, such as propulsive impellers, serrated impellers, turbo impellers, plate impellers, frame impellers, and anchor impellers, which can meet various technical requirements.
Main feature:
Mixing type: hydraulic lifting type, with vacuum system
Application: cosmetics, chemicals, medicines, agriculture, etc
Mixer type: Common type or Ex-proof type (customized according to client’s requirements)
Materials: liquid and liquid, solid and liquid, paste
Mixing structure: paddle type, anchor type, butterfly type, frame type, etc
Working capacity: customized 

 multi-functional hydraulic lifting type mixe
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