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YINYAN customized China Brand dual planetary blender

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Wuxi yinyan chemical equipment & technology co., ltd. We are a manufacturer for offering customized mixing equipment, especial high viscous putty making machine. We have been insisting our own brand for over 10 years, believing made in China will provide much better customized dual planetary blender for more and more customers. All our mixing equipment is wildly suitable for dispersing and mixing materials in industries such as coating, putty, ink, adhesive, energy, electronics & electrical appliances, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food etc.
YINYAN high viscous putty making machine, especial YINYAN dual planetary blender, it could be equipped the suitable structure according to the customer’s actual production conditions.
YINYAN dual planetary blender could be divided into two types. One is lab scale type, the other is production type. The lab scale type dual planetary blender is usually used in university, institution, factory laboratory and new product research and development. And its working capacity is about from 2 liters to 10 liters. But the production type, its working capacity is about from 15 liters to 2500 liters; this type is widely used on the batch productions. It is also customized according to customers’ requirements.
In addition, the mixing structure of YINYAN dual planetary blender is also designed as the traits of production material. Common types include twist type, paddle type, claw type, frame type, etc. and sometimes could be added high speed dispersing shaft or wall and bottom scrapers. Then at a certain condition, they can meet a rapid and effect mixing result. 
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