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YINYAN concentric double-shaft mixer

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Wuxi yinyan chemical equipment & technology co., ltd, we are offering customized middle-high viscous materials’ mixing equipment for chemical industry. Such as dual planetary mixer, concentric double-shaft mixer, etc. Here we are going to introduce some details about the YINYAN concentric double-shaft mixer.
YINYNA concentric double-shaft mixer is composed of two sets of mixing devices, which can be designed according to different materials. For example, the combination of high-speed dispersion and low-speed stirring, or the combination of emulsifying high-speed shear and low-speed stirring, and other combinations of different stirring devices can be determined according to the actual needs of customers; In addition, about low speed stirring, can be frame type stirring, or frame and paddle type stirring, can also be added scrapers to prevent the residue on the inner wall of mixing vessel. It not only completes the function of high-speed dispersion, but also overcomes the little liquidity viscous chemical materials, and achieves the functions such as dispersion, dissolve, grinding particles, stirring, uniform, etc. Materials of machine always have stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy (Harley, monel, inconel) and other composite materials. 
YINYAN concentric double-shaft mixer is applicable to a wide range of industries, such as high viscosity adhesive, paint, ink and other industries; And for special materials, can encrypt the cover, to achieve vacuum pumping. In addition, wuxi yinyan also has the qualification to manufacture pressure vessels, and we can also issue the pressure vessel certificate for customers who have the demand of pressure mixing.
Applicable materials: adhesive, AB glue, silicone rubber, silicone glue, sealant, glass glue, silicone, LED lamps, electronic paste, battery paste, hot sol, resin crafts and other materials.
double-shaft mixer
Main features of YINYAN double-shaft mixer:
1 hydraulic lifting structure design, selected engineering cylinder, rapid and stable lifting, special seal design, no oil leakage, durable, 30,000 times trouble-free;
2 Speed regulating by frequency converter and starting at low speed to effectively protect the motor and save energy and environmental protection;
3 Double shaft and double motor, high efficiency and energy saving, good dispersing and stirring effect;
4 Heat treatment process of dispersion shaft, hardness and toughness are good, the amplitude is very small;
5 Two installation forms: floor type and operation platform type, to meet customers’ various production needs.
6 Customized with pressure mixing and provide pressure vessel certificate according to customer requirements.