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YINYAN caulk sealant disperser power mixer- vertical planetary vacuum mixer

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Wuxi YINYAN is a professional manufacturer for offering customized mixing equipment. We have offered many kinds of customized mixing equipment which are wildly used in various chemical industries for many years in China. According to the classification of industry, there are building industry, medicine industry, new energy industry, chemical industry, pesticide industry, food industry, etc.; according to the characteristics of materials, there are painting, coating, batter slurry, chemical materials, daily products, etc. And YINYAN multi-functional mixer machine is always suitable for mixing low and middle viscous materials, but YINYAN vertical planetary vacuum mixer is special designed for mixing high viscous materials, in addition, different options of mixing agitator for different material’s properties.
For mixing or producing the caulk, silicone sealant, its viscosity is very high, according to the customers’ different special requirements, YINYAN vertical planetary vacuum mixer will be a good choice. Its mixing structure adopts double low-speed mixing agitator and single high-speed dispersing shaft, and scrapers.
The principle of YINYAN vertical planetary vacuum mixer, low-speed and high-speed mixing shafts are revolution around the center of the mixing tank, at the same time, themselves are also rotating around their own axis center. This kind of movement can make the mixture uniform in a rapid time, options of the scrapers can ensure that there is no dead corner and no residual during the mixing process, to make the perfect mixing result. 
When the YINYAN vertical planetary vacuum mixer is used for mixing the very high viscous materials, there is a good corollary equipment called hydraulic press out machine. It can make the discharging materials very easily.   
vertical planetary vacuum mixer

When the YINAYN vertical planetary vacuum mixer is used for mixing very high viscous materials, YINYAN hydraulic press out could be used as a corollary equipment, it will be a good choice for discharging the high viscous materials. Its role is to discharge or pack the mixed high viscosity material. It has single tank form and double tanks form. By adopting torque motor control, it can deliver the high viscosity material such as ink, adhesive, silicone etc. to the pipeline from the pressing plate or the bottom of the barrel through pressing plate, so that realize all kinds of packing for different materials. The equipment is divided into lifting with barrel type and fixed type.

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