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YINYAN attendance in 22th China adhesive show

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22th China International Adhesive & Sealants Exhibition closed September 20th. Wuxi YINYAN, with its lab scale dual planetary mixer and vacuum dual planetary dispersion mixer, has got a lot of attention. YINYAN got a fruitful attendance in this show.
Guided by the Chinese government’s 13th five-year plan and its “Made in China 2025” strategy, the demand of adhesives and sealants is increasing. The amount of use and the application field expand as well. Faltering global economy recovery combined with a slowdown in China, the production and sales volume of China mainland developed rapidly, having an annual double-digit increase. China Adhesive Show is the most professional event, which gathers adhesives, sealants, PSA tape and label products in the world. The show builds the ideal platform for China and around the world.

This show occupies 20,000 square meters and attracts 400 exhibitors. During this show, we carried the mixers as below which shows our specialty and industry representative with us: lab-scale dual planetary mixer, vacuum dual planetary dispersion mixer.

lab scale dual planetary mixer

Lab scale dual planetary mixer is a new type mixing equipment for mixing high viscous material. It is designed to customers such as reach institute, university laboratory or factory laboratory. It is also could be customized press out with the mixer according to customers’ using. 
Vacuum dual planetary dispersion mixer, it is also could be customized different capacities according to different requirements. It is suitable for mixing material whose viscosity is less than 3,000,000cps, such as high viscosity materials, adhesives, lithium electronics and solar cell paste, medicine, food, cosmetics, widely used in energy, electronic appliances, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, daily chemicals, etc. 
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