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YINYAN arrange all staff to participate the Safety production training

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Wuxi YINYAN chemical equipment & technology co., ltd, we are a manufacturer offering non-standard mixing equipment to customers. Our main products including planetary power mixer, multi-functional mixer, reaction, etc. We have provided many kinds of mixing equipment to customers who are in different chemical industries. 
For in-depth implementing the safe production, wuxi YINYAN arranged a training about it. In this week, we have invited an expert to come and give us a training, and the training topic is “Risk classification control and hidden danger elimination management, double prevention mechanism construction”.
The dual prevention mechanism is a double defensive working mechanism, which adopts hierarchical risk control and eliminating the hidden dangers. To solve safety problems effectively, problems such as “unclear or unexpected”, before we emphasize safety production, we should pay much more attention to risk management and control from eliminating the hidden dangers. We need to strengthen the methods and means of risk control, and take effective preventive measures throughout the accident chain, to seize the key links, in order to prevent the safety risk control of failure hidden dangers of the accident and hidden dangers failed to be found and managed in a timely manner. 

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Throughout this training, we in-depth realize the risk management and control, and how to eliminate the hidden dangers, and using them well during our mixing equipment production processes to achieve safety production.
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