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Wuxi YINYAN: the Application of PUR Hot-melt Adhesive in Automobile Industry

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Wuxi YINYAN is specialized in manufacturing high-viscosity slurry mixing equipment , including dual planetary mixer, multi-functional dual shaft mixer, discharging machine, etc. YINYAN is very concerned about the adhesive market at home and abroad. The application introduction of PUR hot-melt adhesive in automobile industry is reprinted as below.
Reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive (PUR) is prepared by using -nco end group prepolymer as the base material and adding various additives that do not react with –nco, such as thermoplastic resin, filler, catalyst, antioxidant, viscosity - increasing resin, etc. It shows excellent adhesion ability to porous materials such as wood, leather, fabric, paper and ceramics, and surface materials such as plastic, metal, glass and rubber.
PUR hot-melt adhesive has many advantages and various types of products, which are widely used in the sealing of windshield and lamp packaging, automobile body sealing, automobile interior decoration and other parts in automobile manufacturing.

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With the development of automobile value chain, adhesive plays an important role. The auto industry continues to look for more practical, low-cost ways to reduce vehicle weight while improving vehicle performance and customer satisfaction. Different automobile brand manufacturers have different requirements for adhesion, but the basic content is the same, that is, to simulate the environment that the car may face in the actual use process. The demand of automobile market will also point out the direction for the development of PUR hot-melt adhesive in automobile industry.