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Wuxi YINYAN, manufacturer of porcelain glue making machine

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In recent years, dual planetary mixer is taking up a large share of the mixing equipment market. And more and more material manufacturers believe that it can bring much more profit to their factories. Porcelain glue making machine is one kind of dual planetary mixer, comparing with the common mixer, it is much more expensive. So every wants to know what is the difference between the dual planetary mixer and common mixer. The dual planetary mixer can get so many material-manufacturers’ favor. Those who have some knowledge of mixing machine must know that the practicability and efficiency of mixer are very important for manufacturers who need to use mixing process in physical manufacturing. Here, we will have a look at how to use YINYAN dual planetary mixer to complete the production of porcelain glue making.
From the structure of YINYAN dual planetary mixer, the two sets of low speed planetary mixing blade turn around its own axis center also in moving around the center of the mixing barrel, this running principle, the material can be directly into the high-speed dispersing region, porcelain glue making machine, through high speed dispersion strong shear force, effectively mix material evenly; This unique mixing design combines many advantages of many different equipment. Thus, the processing time of mixing is effectively shortened. The porcelain glue making machine adopts to optimize the traditional complicated production process and reduce the production cost.

porcelain glue making machine
In additional, YINYAN dual planetary mixer is also could be customized different mixing structure according to different material characteristics, to meet customers’ different mixing requirements. 
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