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WUXI YINYAN: Introduction of Adhesive Application in Aviation Industry

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YINYAN is specialized in offering customized high-viscosity slurry planetary mixing equipment and mixing solutions for 10 years according to customer’s characteristics of material and requirements of manufacturing process. Here, YINYAN give a brief introduction of adhesive application in aviation industry.
The most important sector of adhesive technology application is the aviation industry. With the adhesive application in the aircraft structure, a series of good results appear: reduce the structure quality, improve the fatigue life, simplify the process, etc. So many countries consider the adhesive technology as a new aircraft manufacturing process.
The commonly used adhesive in aviation industry include phenolic - acetal, phenolic - butyronitrile, phenolic - epoxy resin adhesives, etc. Different parts usually have their  own special requirements for the adhesive:
Many special photoelectric components on the spacecraft need the adhesive which can meet the requirements in various environments. It is necessary to use polyimide, polybenzimidazole, polyquinoline, polyurethane, inorganic adhesive, etc, to realize the performance of high and low temperature resistance.
For the sealing of cockpit and instrument cabin in aerospace, besides the high and low temperature resistance requirement, it is also required not to volatilize under ultra-vacuum and to endure strong ionic radiation. Therefore, organic silicon sealant should be adopted.

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Adhesion materials used on rockets, missiles, satellites and other spacecraft, in addition to the performance requirements of general industrial adhesives, also need to meet their launch status, in orbit and re-entry and other special environmental requirements.
Various light metal alloy materials and advanced composite materials are the main materials used in aerospace and aviation, also there are many other materials in a wide variety of categories. Different kind of material has the different performances, and the structure made of these materials ask the own special requirement for the adhesive.