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Wuxi YINYAN: How do hot-melt glue and glue dual shaft mixer develop in the future?

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Wuxi YINYAN is professional in offering glue planetary mixers for over 10 years. With the development of glue, the technology of YINYAN glue dual shaft mixer is also improving.Hot-melt glue is melted by hot-melt machine through heat. After melting, the solid-type glue become liquid-type, and is delivered to the surface of the binding through the pipe and spray gun of hot-melt machine, then finish bonding after cooling. Wuxi YINYAN glue mixer is applied a lot in the production of hot-melt glue, including dual planetary mixer, extruder, multi-functional mixer, filling machine, etc.
The advantages of hot-melt glue are as follows:
1. Fast. It takes only 1-3 seconds to complete the whole bonding process (even faster).
2. The tools (hot-melt machine) take up less space. And use conveniently.
3. The unit product cost is the most cheapest.
4. Good bonding effect, high bonding strength.
5. Do not need to deal with waste, in line with environmental requirements.
6. It has anti-theft function.
7. Can adjust the different spray way, in order to play a role in identification and anti-counterfeiting.
Development prospect:
In the future, under the trend of globalization of hot-melt glue industry, the demand will be more diversified. The hot-melt glue enterprises that gradually scale up will also have enough strength to do basic research, so as to gain an advantage in the market characterized by serious product homogeneity. The development of glue planetary mixer technology will become inevitable. Wuxi YINYAN, as a manufacturer of glue dual shaft mixer, will also offer more refined mixing solutions for diversified needs, so as to better serve users.