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Wuxi Yinyan—high-quality supplier of pressure vessel in fluorine industry

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Wuxi Yinyan is a long-time non-standard chemical equipment qualified supplier of Shanghai 3F New Materials Co.,Ltd. and its subsidiary corporation and holding company. Yinyan offer them non-standard pressure vessel, such as reactors, columns, heat exchangers, mixers, separators, tanks, etc.
Shanghai 3F, as a comprehensive fluorine production base of the most complete products and the largest output in China, is devoted to R&D, manufacture and sale the fluorine-containing chemicals. As a new high-tech enterprise, it is also devoted to civilianize fluorine-containing chemicals, pursue the breakthrough and commercialization of production technology, creat new products and explore new market continuously. Shanghai 3F is also trying its best to meet the public demand and fulfill the responsibility to the society and to the public.
Shanghai 3F refers to the product fields of inorganic fluoride, fluorine-containing freezing medium, fluorine-containing fine chemicals, fluorine-containing functional material, fluorine plastic,fluorine rubber processed products etc. Its main products are AHF、F142b、F141b、F22、F113a、F152a、F143a、F125、F32、F227ea、FEVE、、HFO-1234yf、VDF、PVDF、TFE、PTFE、CTFE、PCTFE、ETFE、PEP、PFA、HFP、FEP、FKM、PT853 etc.

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To meet the market and its own development demand, Yinyan, as a professional pressure vessel manufacturer of about 30 years actual manufacturing experiences, is devoted to become the top-ranking supplier of chemical equipments.

Wuxi Yinyan Chemical Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and service for both class I ,II & III pressure vessels and liquid & powder machinery. 

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