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Wuxi YINYAN Focus on the Electronic Potting Adhesive Market

Large Middle Small Source:Yinyan View:- Date:2019-07-01 10:40:11

Wuxi YINYAN, as an adhesive dual planetary mixer manufacturer, focus on the development of adhesive dual planetary mixer in the production of high performance potting adhesive. With the development of electronic industry, people pay more attention to the stability of products, so now more and more electronic products need to be filled and sealed, which usually use silicone potting adhesive. 

adhesive planetary mixing equipment
Electronic potting adhesive is a kind of liquid adhesive which is perfused on electronic components. It can provide excellent heat dissipation ability and flame retardant performance for electronic components, and effectively improve the anti-seismic and moisture-proof ability of electronic components to ensure the use stability of electronic components. At present, potting adhesive is widely used in automotive electronics, generally used in all kinds of control modules. Do the integral and general sealing of the components, in order to achieve the basic requirements of moisture-proof, anti-fouling and anti-corrosion. Using silicone potting adhesive can reduce stress and withstand high and low temperature impact. For the control module with high power, thermal conductivity potting adhesive is used to achieve the function of heat dissipation.
With the continuous development of the advanced industry, the market will put forward higher and more detailed requirements for all kinds of adhesive dual planetary mixer. YINYAN, as always, makes full use of its own technical research and years of accumulated practical experience to better customize services for customers.