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Wuxi YINYAN: Development trend of solvent - free adhesive and adhesive mixer

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Wuxi YINYAN is specialized in producing adhesive dual planetary mixer for 10 years. YINYAN adhesive mixer is widely applied in the production of various kinds of adhesives, including solvent-free adhesive. In the adhesive field, solvent - free adhesive has obvious advantages, and its future development trend also presents its own characteristics.
The main advantages of solvent-free adhesive include environmental protection, energy saving, safety, high efficiency and low cost.
The development trend of solvent-free adhesive is as follows:
1. Functional solvent-free adhesive
Solvent-free adhesives should be developed into functional products, such as the development of benzene, toluene, xylene, esters, surfactants, DMF content less than 20% organic solvent mixture, pesticides and other corrosion products.
2. UV curing solvent - free adhesive
Besides of the characters of fast curing speed, transparent product, high peeling strength and good softness of finished adhesive, UV curing solvent-free adhesive also has the advantages of no solvent, non-toxic, non-corrosive, energy saving and environmental protection. It can be used for fast solvent-free compound of plastic/plastic, plastic/paper, plastic/metal film, etc. At present, UV curing solvent-free adhesives have been developed, but still need to increase efforts of research and development and launch more mature products.
3 Solvent-free adhesives for other industries
Develop solvent-free adhesives for textile, automotive interior and other industries, and solvent-free adhesives for paper (including kraft paper, paperboard, plain paper)/ plastic (various transparent films, aluminized films, aluminum foil) composites.
Wuxi YINYAN, as a manufacturer of adhesive mixer, offer high-viscosity mixer series, including double planetary mixer, extruder, multi-functional mixer, filling machine. In order to meet diversified requirements, yinyan will also provide more refined mixing solutions, so as to better serve users.