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Wide application of YINYAN dual planetary mixer in adhesive industry

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Wuxi yinyan chemical equipment & technology co., ltd, we have rich adhesive industry experience for offering customized adhesive mixing equipment over 10 years. Especially dual planetary mixer, dual shaft mixer, etc. which are wildly used in adhesive industry.

For adhesive industry’ application, YINYAN dual planetary mixer is very wildly used in mixing much higher viscous adhesives. There are many kinds of adhesives, such as glue, mucilage glue, glue paste, etc. There are also wide range of application, such as automobile, construction, electronics, aerospace, shipbuilding, civil engineering, etc. So there are different characteristics of different adhesives.

adhesive dual planetary mixer

In actual adhesive manufacturing, how to select the suitable adhesive dual planetary mixer?
1. According to the solid content and viscosity of the material, mixer types and mixing types can be optional. Mixer types include: two-shaft mixer, tri-shaft mixer, planetary mixer, etc. Mixing types include: butterfly type, frame type, claw type, etc.
2. According to manufacturing requirements, extra functions are optional, such as heating, cooling, vacuum, etc.
3. According to capacity requirement, different size can be optional.
Wuxi YINYAN has independent professional technical team. Wuxi YINYAN has accumulated many years of experiences. We will help to select suitable adhesive dual planetary mixer according to customer’s characteristics and production processes. 
Furthermore, Wuxi YINYAN also could offer to customers the testing service for free. Customers could bring their own materials to YINYAN factory and do experiment through using YINYAN lab scale dual planetary mixer. After that, we could discuss in-depth about the parameters of the adhesive dual planetary mixer which can meet customer’s requirements perfectly.   
Much more details about the adhesive dual planetary mixer, welcome to contact us!