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Vertical kneader machine performance characteristics

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Vertical kneader machine has two sets of kneading blades at different speeds in a closed vessel for planetary operation, the blade and the material contact surface is relatively large, with the tank wall gap of about 2 ~ 3mm, rotating brushing the entire body wall, the material was repeatedly stirred and Kneading, no dead ends.

The vertical kneading machine is completed by lifting the system so that the rack and the kettle body separate kettle body can be transferred to the discharge system, simple operation, convenient discharge.

vertical kneader

Vertical kneader Contact with the material only part of the kettle body and kneading knife, this part of the finishing and polishing to the mirror, kneading will not contaminate the material, easy to clean.

Vertical kneader Seals and bearings are not in contact with the material, so will not leak oil, vacuum leaks and bearing damage due to material corrosion.

Kettle body with double jacket, through the temperature control system connection, the material can be a stable temperature control.

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