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Difference between vertical kneading machine and double planetary mixer

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Vertical kneading machine is a kind of vertical blade by a pair of mutual cooperation and rotation of the strong shearing effect of the semi-dry state or rubbery viscous plastic materials such as high viscosity and high viscosity of the elastic material, uniform Mixing, kneading, crushing, dispersing and re-assembling into a variety of chemical products. It has all functions, varieties and applications. It has the advantages of even mixing, no dead ends and high kneading efficiency.

For the temperature requirements of the material, supporting the appropriate temperature control system, independent operation, high control accuracy.

Production capacity: 0.5-1000L

Material viscosity: ≤ 500 million cps

Vertical kneading machine

Dal planetary mixer machine is suitable for mixing lithium battery slurry, a variety of adhesives and new energy material. It has high mixing efficiency and uniformity which is developed on the base of dual shaft mixer machine. It is composed of low speed mixer, high speed disperser, scraping wall scraping bottom and temperature measuring probe, etc. It has the advantages of rapid mixing, reaction, dispersing, dissolving and kneading. It is especially suitable for dispersion and mixing of solid-liquid and liquid-liquid. According to the different material's viscosity, YINYAN will offer fit designs of different gear ratios, torque range, can meet the requirements of production such as  adhesive, silica gel, lithium battery slurry and other industries preferred mixing products. At the same time the scraper is scraping the inner tank wall and bottom, to make sure no dead corners, no residue, and be easy to clean, be equipped a set of control system, safe and convenient operation; and options for an extrusion device, which could make the discharging easily. For the temperature requirements of the materials, could be equipped with a mold temperature controller machine, independent operation, high temperature control accuracy.

Production capacity: 200-2000L

Material viscosity: ≤ 500 million cps

YINYAN main products and services include high viscous double planetary mixer machine, dispersion mixer, mill, emulsifying mixer, blender, filling machine, reactor, heat exchanger, separate containers, storage vessels and whole set production lines.

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