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The requirements of dual planetary mixer for making gel paste

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Gel is one kind of viscous material products, for making this kind material, the mixing equipment should have high shearing and mixing power. The dual planetary mixer is good choice and widely used in this industry.
Dual planetary mixer is also called gel paste making machine. It is suitable for mixing, reaction, dissolving, dispersing, homogenizing or emulsifying materials such as polymer power battery liquid and liquid power battery liquid, electronic electrode paste, adhesive, touch adhesive, silicone sealant, polyurethane sealant, anaerobic adhesive, ink, pigment, cosmetics, ointment, and other electronic, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, building materials, pesticides, etc.
Gel paste making machine has some requirements for the dual planetary mixer, especially on the choice of the raw materials measuring, feeding system, mixing structures, etc.

gel paste making machine
Raw materials measuring: measuring accuracy of liquid and solid material, pigment material, and mature design of YINYAN dual planetary mixing structure, can completely meet all production requirements of customers. 
Feed type of powder material: YINYAN dual planetary mixer adopts vacuum type to feed the powder materials into the mixing vessel to reach the dispersing disc’s location. 
YINYAN dual planetary mixing structure: We could offer different mixing structures according to the different mixture products. For example, we always use the mixing structure which adopts the twist type mixing shaft with scrapes and two-layer high speed dispersing disc, and will be controlled the speed independently by inverters. 
The low speed is always in the range of 50-100rpm, the high dispersing speed is always in the range of 1500-3000rpm.
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