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Testing of YINYAN high viscous paste dual planetary mixer

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Wuxi Yinyan Chemical Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd, we are a real manufacturer for offering non-standard customized mixer. We have offered various different customized mixer for many different customers in various chemical industries, especially adhesive industry or other high viscous paste dual planetary mixer, dual planetary mixer, twin shaft mixer, triple shaft mixer, etc.
In additional, Wuxi YINYAN as a manufacturer who is offering high viscous paste dual planetary mixer, we also offer customers of doing experiments service through YINYAN lab mixer for free. YINYAN’s lab mixer includes 5L dual planetary mixer, 5L dual planetary mixer with extrusion machine, 10L dual planetary mixer, 35L hook type mixer, etc. When customers are not sure how to choose their mixer or when they plan to produce a new material and don’t know how to choose suitable mixer, we will invite customers come to visit us and bring their raw materials do experiments through our lab mixer. After the experiments, if the results could meet customers’ requirements, then we could discuss much more parameters with each other, and design the mixer in next step. 
Some materials with very high viscosity will climb on the mixing agitator easily. Sometime we also couldn’t avoid this situation when using dual planetary mixer. So we try to test the hook type mixer which has hook type mixing agitator. According to customer’s actual mixing material and requirements, we could offer different designs to meet customers’ mixing requirements.

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Much more details of the hook type mixer and testing results, welcome to contact us!