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Testing experiment of multi-functional vacuum dual planetary mixer

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Wuxi yinyan chemical equipment & technology co., ltd, we have been offering customized mixing equipment for different customers. According to customers’ requirements, designing and manufacturing mixing equipment which can completely match customer’s mixing requirements. Our main mixing equipment includes vacuum planetary mixer, dual planetary mixer, multi-functional dual shaft mixer, high speed dispersion mixer, multi-functional mixing vessel, reactors with pressure or atmosphere, etc.
One customer, who is engaging in research a special material used for water treatment. They consulted YINYAN vacuum planetary mixer. At first they have brought the raw materials to our factory and did experiments through using our dual planetary mixer. And confirmed our dual planetary mixer can completely match all their mixing requirements. So they had made an order to us. Now, after two half months later, they come to our factory again, doing testing before acceptance.

vacuum planetary mixer

YINYAN vacuum planetary mixer always consists of carbon steel rack, mixing system, lifting system, equipped removable mixing tank, vacuum system, control system, etc. Among these parts, the mixing structure is designed according to the material characteristics, and all the material contacting part are made special treated for keep the production of materials pure and pollution-free.

dual planetary mixer

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