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Successful delivery of YINYAN storage tanks and multi-functional double shaft mixer

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Wuxi YINYIN chemical equipment & technology co., ltd, we are a physical manufacturer for offering customized mixing equipment, we have been serving many chemical industries for over 10 years, such as fluorine chemical industry, adhesive industry, electric and new energy industry, etc. That means we have been offered various mixing equipment for our customers which can completely meet their production requirements. Such as dual planetary power mixer, double shaft mixer, etc. It also could be divided according to their applicable industries, such as adhesive mixing machine, electronic glue making machine, new energy slurry planetary mixer, latex mixing machine, lotion mixing equipment, etc.

double shaft mixer

YINYAN multi-functional double shaft mixer is a proper mixing equipment for mixing mid-high materials. Especially be used for dissolving, dispersing, mixing different viscous materials. According to actual materials and their characteristics, we could design the special mixing structure to produce strong shearing and forces between materials and mixing agitator, it could achieve the effect dispersing, dissolving, formula mixing, emulsifying in a rapid time. The different mixing structures can meet different functions.  
Application of YINYAN multi-functional dual shaft mixer: 
It is suitable for dispersing and mixing of paint, coating, ink, food, medicine, pesticide, lubricating oil, detergent, cosmetics, electronic chemicals, dye, pigment and other industrial products.
Main features of YINYAN multi-functional double shaft mixer:
Compare with the common mixer, YINYAN double shaft mixer have much higher efficiency and effect. Much more materials’ movement direction, increasing the times of shearing, crushing, etc. It is wildly used for mixing mid-high viscous materials. During the mixing process, there is few air into the mixture, it can make the mixing rapidly, grinding finely, and no residual, and be easy to clean. The whole double shaft mixer run stably and lower noise, and constantly working for long time. 
YINYAN storage tanks could be used as transfer container or storage container, which is according to customer’s requirements.
Much more details about YINYAN storage tanks and multi-functional double shaft mixer, welcome to contact us!