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Successful delivery of lab scale dual planetary blender from Wuxi YINYAN

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Wuxi yinyan chemical equipment & technology co., ltd, we are professional for offering customized mixing equipment to customers. We design the mixing equipment according to customers’ actual production process, and provide the complete new material mixing blender which can meet all requirements from customer.
We touched this customer the first time while they are looking for a suitable new material mixing blender for their new research. This new material is like viscous honey and the viscosity is very high. The mixing effect of their current mixing equipment is not enough to reach their requirements, and the mixing time per batch is too long. So they were looking for a new material mixing blender to improve the mixture effect and save some mixing time per batch. After discussed some details, including some production processes and requirements, We recommend YINYAN lab scale dual planetary blender to customer, and suggested them, come and bring their raw materials to do experiments in our factory. YINAYN offers this service for free. After experiments, customer took the finished material back to their laboratory to do some tests, and the results were very good. So customer was very satisfied for this experiment in YINYAN factory.
YINAYN is always preparing lab scale dual planetary blenders for customer to do experiment in factory. The ordinary lab scale is 2 liter, 5 liter or 10 liter. Sometimes customers study and develop new products, they also don’t know which kind mixer will be suitable for them. So they need do experiments by themselves through YINYAN lab planetary blender to confirm if it can meet their requirements.

lab scale dual planetary blender

Much more details about YINYAN dual planetary blender and if you need to do experiments before order, welcome to contact us!