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Successful delivery of YINYAN multi-functional mixer

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Wuxi yinyan chemical equipment & technology co,. ltd. We are a real manufacturer that is offering customized mixing equipment. Including reactors, multi-functional mixer, dual shaft mixer, etc. which are wildly used in different chemical industries.
Although YINYAN company was established in 2019, but our manufacturing team have over 30 years’ actual manufacturing experience. Wuxi YINYAN is a real manufacturer that has rich actual manufacturing experiences. 
YINYAN multi-functional mixer lifting type consists of vertical machine rack, lifting system, mixing system, removable mixing tank, etc. There is another type is called multi-functional mixing vessel, it is fixed type. In addition, there are many different mixing structures according to customers from different applications, such as single shaft mixing agitator, dual shaft mixing structure, three shaft mixing structure, etc. Ordinary, the single shaft mixing agitator is suitable for mixing low viscous materials; dual shaft mixing structure is always used to mix mid-low viscous materials; and for mixing the mid-high viscous materials, the three-shaft mixing agitator will be a good choice. The finial mixing structure is also designed according to the characteristics of customers’ materials.
Here we have successful delivered the multi-functional mixer on time.

dual shaft mixer

Much more details about YINYAN multi-functional dual shaft mixer, welcome to contact us!