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Successful delivery of YINYAN coating dual shaft mixer

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Wuxi Yinyan Chemical Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd, a real manufacture for offering customized mixing equipment of development, design, manufacturing, selling, service, etc. Including coating mixing machine, adhesive planetary mixing machine, etc, we have served many different customers in different chemical industries; in additional, we also have the license of special equipment manufacture, we also have been served fluorine chemical industry for offering the pressure vessels, heat exchangers, columns, etc. 
YINYAN coating mixing machine, its mixing structure is designed according to the viscosity of the production material. The mixer includes high speed dispersion mixer, dual shaft mixer, tri-shaft mixer, even dual planetary mixer, etc. And we also could equip the three-roller mill machine as a corollary equipment to finish the production of much higher quality coating according to the actual production.

YINYAN coating mixing machine not only the high speed dispersion machine, but also dual shaft mixer is also widely used in the coating industry. We could design the mixing structure of dual shaft mixer according to the actual production processes. Such as the component of frame type stir and high speed dispersing disc, robin type stir and high speed dispersing disc, etc. Different mixing structure of the dual shaft mixer will be suitable for making different coating.

dual shaft mixer

YINYAN coating mixing machine adopts carbon steel machine rack, and consists of lifting system, mixing system, control system, etc. options of vacuum system, temperature system, measuring temperature system, etc. And according to actual production demands, we could equip the single layer tank or double layer tank with jacket.  
YINYAN coating dual shaft mixer, much more details, welcome to contact us!