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What is double planetary mixer?

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YINYAN Double planetary mixer is a high efficiency machine with unique mixing type. The working efficiency is usually several times higher than general type mixer’s.

Working principle:

There are two low-speed agitators (usually including multilayer type, twist type, frame type, claw type etc.), one or two high-speed dispersers and scraper in the container. The agitators rotate and at the same time revolve around the container axle to make the materials to do the complicated movements. It is used for the blending, mixing, dispersing, dissolving etc. of the solid-solid, solid-liquid, liquid-liquid materials. It is widely applied for the production of high viscous materials industries such as printing ink, pigment, adhesive, sealant, glue, pasty material, grease, painting, cosmetic, additive etc

Performance feature:

The host adopts the design of planet-gear speed reducer, low noise, high efficiency, power saving, and can reduce the space. It is suitable for the materials whose viscosity is from 10,000-3,000,000 cps. 

dual planetary mixer

Compared with general mixer, double planetary mixer has advantages and disadvantages as below:

(1) High working efficiency. Its mixing principle decides it has much higher mixing efficiency than general mixier.
(2) Wide range of application. Double planetary mixer is suitable for the most of materials whose viscousity is less than 3,000,000cps and the solid content is under 90%. With various mixers and other auxiliary device, it can replace most of the available general mixers.


(1) Relatively higher maintenance cost. Double planetary mixer usually realizes the planetary motion by planetary gear transmission. The maintenance cost is relatively higher because of the complicated transmission box structure.
(2) Relatively higher cost. The parts such as transmission box, blades, tanks, are needed to be preision machining, this is why its price is much higher than general mixers.

Application industry:

(1) Energy: various battery slurry, paste (lithium battery, nickel-chromium battery, NI-MH battery, fuel cell, power battery etc.)
(2) Electronics: soldering paste, ceramic slurry, magnetic materials, silicone ink, electronic adhesive, pvc plastic, pouring sealant, hot-melt adhesive, various precious metal powder & slurry.
(3) Chemicals: various sealant, adhesive (silicone sealant, polysulfide sealant, polyurethane sealant, hollow glass sealant, waterproof sealant, structural sealant, anaerobic adhesive, stone adhesive, molding adhesive etc), synthetic resin rubber, ink, putty, abrasive compound, waxwork, synthetic rubber, synthetic resin, ceramic pigment, etc.
(4) Pharmaceuticals: various soft ointment, polymer gel, dental materials;
(5) Cosmetics & daily cosmetics: moisturizer, lipstick, emulsion, gel, mask, eye black, foundation, nail polish, toothpaste, soap.
(6) Food: a mixture of various pasty or paste, such as seasoner, jam, chocolate liquor etc.

Yinyan dual planetary mixer machine which is widely used in industries such as petro-chemical, chemical industry, power station, pharmaceutical, coating, daily cosmetic, food, metallurgy, lithium battery, pesticides, detergents, building materials, asphalt emulsion modification, paper-making, printing inks, lubricants, dyeing and textile auxiliaries etc.