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New material slurry manufacturer visiting Wuxi YINYAN factory

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Wuxi YINYAN chemical equipment & technical co., ltd, we have been offering customized mixing equipment since 10 years ago for customers from various different chemical industries. According to customers’ requirements, we have offered many different mixing equipment, including reactor, high speed dispersion mixer, twin shaft mixer, multi-functional mixer, dual planetary mixer, etc. At the same time, we also could offer the corollary equipment such as extrusion machine, filling or packaging machine.
Some high viscous slurry manufacturer found YINYAN, after preliminary contacting with us, they confirmed YINYAN dual planetary mixer could meet their production requirements well. So they had a decision that come to visit us and discuss some more in-deep technical parameters with our technicians this week.

dual planetary mixer

Wuxi YINYAN could offer the customized mixing equipment which can complete meet customers’ actual production requirements. First, we need to know the detailed requirements from customers. For example, this customer consulted the high viscous new material mixer, we have to know some characteristics of this new material and the general production processes and production conditions; sometimes customers have clear requirements of the mixer which they are looking for, so they could offer the very detailed design suggestions of their mixer. For the high viscous slurry planetary mixing equipment, we always adopt dual planetary mixer structure. Its mixing agitator has high speed dispersing shaft and low speed mixing shaft, and they are running revolution and rotation together at the same time. It can make the high viscous slurry mixing uniform in a rapid time, and make the mixture with high quality. 
Much more high viscous slurry planetary mixing equipment, welcome to visit and consult us!