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Dual-shaft mixer for producing printing ink

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Wuxi Yinyan offered several sets of dual-shaft mixer for one printing ink manufacturing company, including 200L and 500L. Yinyan, as a strong support, help the company realize high quality production.

Because of the special design, this machine can be lifting up and down while working to realize much more even and efficient mixing results. This machine also gained much attention in the European coating show 2017.

With continuous development, Wuxi Yinyan, based on the over 10 years manufacturing experiences, improve the products to meet various kinds of market demand. We are dedicated to offer high-quality and high-efficient equipment for the domestic and overseas customers.

dual shaft mixer machine

Yinyan dual-shaft mixer machine which is widely used in industries such as petro-chemical, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, coating, daily cosmetic, food, metallurgy, lithium battery, pesticides, detergents, building materials, asphalt emulsion modification, papermaking, printing inks, lubricants, dyeing and textile auxiliaries etc. 

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