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How to choose high viscous glue making dual planetary mixer—YINYAN vertical dual planetary mixer

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Wuxi YINYAN is a real manufacturer expert producing customized mixing equipment, our main products include glue planetary mixing machine, and various high viscous glue making machine, such as vertical dual planetary mixer, dual shaft mixer, etc. We have over 10 years actual manufacturing experiences and professional expert team and complete quality control system. We have strict quality control processes for every step, including the design of the vertical dual planetary mixer, purchasing of the plate materials and spare parts, production process, machine testing before delivery, etc. All above mentioned, we have only one purpose that providing the high quality vertical dual planetary mixer for customer with the most favorable price.
High viscous glue making dual planetary mixer, we always recommend YINYAN vertical dual planetary mixer, which could be customized its special mixing structure can meet the material’s viscosity and physical characteristics. This is a new type mixing equipment with high performance and high efficiency. It always consists of two sets of mixing shafts and one set of scraper device. The two planetary mixing shaft is running revolution around the inner wall of the mixing tank, at the same they are also running rotating around the axis center, and the scraper device is rotating around the inner wall of tank, they take the mixture from the inner wall surface and push them in to the center of the tank, make the mixture is dissolved quickly. This running trail of the planetary mixing structure can make the materials completely reach uniform in a rapid time.

vertical dual planetary mixer
Main product features of high viscous glue dual planetary mixer:
1.Multi-functions mixing equipment which combines reaction, mixing, kneading, dispersing together.
2.Application for mixing or dispersing materials include liquid and liquid, solid and liquid, paste and paste, powder and paste, or materials which have high specific gravity, big density, high viscosity in various industries. 
3.Mechanical seal and soft seal, it can keep the mixing process under vacuum system.  
4.Mixing tank with jacket which can meet heating or cooling requirements.
5.Could be equipped the temperature measuring device.
6.The inner wall of mixing tank is precision processes, and pass the huge vertical lathe, to ensure there is no residual on the wall when the scraper on it.
7.Mixing structure could be designed according to the customer’s material physical properties and actual production processes, such as frame type, paddle type, twist type, etc.
8.Mixing speed and dispersing speed are controlled by frequency converters.
9.Could be equipped the extrusion machine according to customers’ detailed requirements.
Much more detailed information about the high viscous glue making dual planetary mixer(YINYAN vertical dual planetary mixer), welcome to contact us!