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Doing coating test production in YINYAN factory

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Wuxi yinyan chemical equipment & technology co., ltd, we have about 30 years’ manufacturing experience of pressure vessels, over 10 years’ actual manufacturing experience about high viscous slurry planetary mixing equipment. We also have rich experiences in design and manufacturing of mixing equipment, and offer customized non-standard customized mixer according to customer’s materials’ characteristics and production processes.
One professor from university found YINYAN and consulted about some coating mixing equipment. After discussion with him, we realized that his coating is very special. At first mixing the raw materials and the mixture’s solid content is very high, then adding some solvent, after mixing a few minutes, the finished mixture is like slurry with very high viscosity, it is a very special coating product. According to the information, we recommend YINYAN dual planetary mixer, it can meet professor’s all requirement completely. Furthermore, YINYAN also offers mixer production testing for free to our customers. At last the professor made a decision that express the raw materials in advance, and then him came to YINYAN factory to do the testing by himself, by using YINYAN dual planetary mixer.

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YINYAN always offers the free service to customers for testing the dual planetary mixer through using their own raw materials. 5L dual planetary mixer with extrusion machine is a testing machine offering this free service. Usually we prepare some different options of mixing agitators, according to customer’s actual production demands and changing the suitable mixing agitator type to meet all customer’s production requirements. And the extrusion machine is an optional choice or spare choice, it is used to customer’s mixture material.
Much more details about YINYAN coating planetary mixing equipment, please contact us directly!