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Customer on-site debugging- glue making machine, YINYAN hydraulic type vacuum mixer

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Wuxi YINYAN as a manufacturer for offering customized mixing equipment, our core mixing equipment could meet various viscous glue or adhesives’ mixing and production, including hydraulic type vacuum mixer for mid-low viscous glue, multi-functional dual shaft mixer for mid-high viscous glue, power planetary mixer for high viscous adhesives, etc. and corollary equipment such as extrusion machine and filling machine.  
YINYAN hydraulic lifting vacuum mixer, which is customized according to customer’s requirements. It usually consists of hydraulic system, mixing system, control system, machine rack, customized mixing tank, etc. And as customer’s production processes, there are some options of temperature control system, temperature measuring device, vacuum system, etc. 
This week we have delivered a set of hydraulic lifting vacuum mixer, and our technician went to customer on-site to guide installation and test.

YINYAN hydraulic lifting vacuum mixer

Main features of YINYAN hydraulic lifting vacuum mixer:
1.Could be customized working capacity according to the actual application, adjustable mixing speed by frequency converter, make sure the materials are dissolving and mixing uniform and no dead corner, be easy to washing, displaying the mixing and temperature digit, working stably, low noisy, reaching constantly working for a long time
2.Special design of machine structure, precision of adjusting mixing speed, be easy to operate, be wildly used for mixing coating, ink, adhesive, lotion, fine chemicals;
3.The type of mixing agitator could be designed and produced according to the characteristics of actual mixture materials, and also could be done special treatment of the surface of mixing agitator.
4.Clamp structure, options of belt type, hand rotating type, pneumatic type, hydraulic type, electrical type, safe and reliable, easy operation;
5.Thousands of applicable materials such as emulsion paint, industry paint, water-based ink, pesticide, adhesives, etc. 
Much more details about YINYAN hydraulic lifting vacuum mixer, welcome to contact us!