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Customer experiment of graphene mixing equipment YINYAN dual planetary mixer

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The graphene as a new material which is wildly used in battery electrode materials, semiconductor devices, transparent displays, sensors, capacitors, transistors, etc. So the graphene mixing equipment is also focused recently,YINYAN dual planetary mixer is one of good choice of mixing graphene.   
Recently, one customer came to YINYAN factory and did experiments of mixing graphene through YINYAN dual planetary mixer. Even if the mixing results was seemed good, they also needed to bring back and do some tests in their laboratory to confirm it.

YINYAN dual planetary mixer

Here, we will introduce you some graphene mixing equipment:
(1) YINYAN dual planetary mixer: the most common equipment for graphene production. The Double agitators of this equipment rotate and at the same time revolve around the axle. The agitators are divided by the viscosity and characteristics of the material, usually including paddle type, twist type, claw type, frame type etc., having good mixing, reacting, kneading, dissolving effect.
(2) YINYAN dual Shaft Multi-Functional Mixer: it can be divided into dispensable dual shaft and coaxial dual shaft according to the dual shaft coaxial or not. Many agitator patterns for option, usually has anchor type, butterfly type, frame type etc., can disperse and mix at the same time, with strong adaptability, can be customized according to different property and production process of the material.
(3) YINYAN tri-shaft multi-functional mixer: Kinds of mixing pattern are optional, such as anchored type, butterfly type, frame type etc. Dispersing/emulsifying and mixing of materials can work at the same time, which makes it more adaptable. It also can be customized based on the materials property and production technology. For graphene production, equipping emulsifying function is generally recommended.