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Customer coming to YINYAN and asking cheese sauce mixing equipment

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Wuxi yinyan chemical equipment & technology co., Ltd, we offer customers customized mixing equipment, including high speed dispersion mixer, dual shaft mixer, dual planetary mixer, other kinds of mixing tank/vessel, etc. We produce the mixing equipment according to customers’ production processes and materials characteristics, so the customized mixing equipment can completely meet all customers’ requirements.
In recent days, one customer came to YINYAN factory and asked the cheese sauce mixing equipment, and YINYAN dual planetary mixer will be a good choice, we also have some successful related cases for reference. 

cheese sauce making machine

YINYAN dual planetary mixer, could be customized according to the characteristics of the cheese sauce and properties of raw materials, special design of mixing agitator, and other equipment structure also could be designed which can meet customers’ production processes.    
Main Features of YINYAN dual planetary mixer:
1. The dual planetary mixer usually consists of two low-speed planetary paddle agitator (options for frame type, twist type, etc.), one or two high speed mixing shaft (dispersing disc or emulsifying head), scrapers. Make all kinds of materials be in strong shearing and dispersion mixing, the effect much more better than the ordinary mixer. It can also be equipped with high shear emulsifier, grinding machine or other special equipment;
2. This series of equipment are usually used for mixing, dissolving, reaction materials such as powder, high viscosity or density material, there is other options of agitators, twist type, paddle type, etc. according to different production processes and characteristics;
3. Vacuum design, make sure the mixing is under complete sealing environment and be not disturbed by external air pressure;
4. Options of jacket heating method, electrical heating, steam heating, hot water or heating oil recycle, Intelligent temperature controller and precise temperature control can be implemented to ensure the perfect mixing of liquid environment of special materials.
Much more details about YINYAN dual planetary mixer, welcome to contact us!