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Classification of Wuxi YINYAN vertical double planetary power mixer

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Wuxi YINYAN, we have many years’ practical manufacturing experiences, offering non-standard mixing equipment for customers, according to different structures, there are pressure vessels, mixing vessel or tank, heat exchangers, columns, etc. according to different applications and customer’s requirements, we could offer different designs of mixing equipment for customers.

vertical double planetary mixer
Here we will discuss some information about how to classify the YINYAN mixing equipment.
1.Divide according to mixing structure
1)Reactor, pressure vessel, heat exchanger, column, etc. The equipment is always used into fluorochemical industry, which have large size, the structure is much simple, but the production process is very strict, especially for producing the pressure vessel, the factory must has a certain qualifications, means “special equipment manufacturing license”.  
2)YINYAN planetary power mixer
This kind mixer has special planetary mixing structure. They have double-shaft low-speed mixing agitator and high-speed dispersing shaft or scraper device, each mixing agitator is running revolution around the center of the mixing tank, at the same time, they are also rotating around their own axis center. When it finishes one ring of revolution, the rotation has finished 38 rings, this mixing structure can make the mixture materials completely dissolving, kneading, mixing, and finishing uniform in a shot time. 
3)Multi-function mixing equipment, mixing vessel, mixing tank
The mixing agitator could be designed according to the different production processes, such as triple shaft mixer, double shaft mixer, single shaft mixer, etc. There are various mixing agitators, which designed according to actual production processes or customers’ requirements. 
2.Divide according to the characteristics of the materials
1)Application for dispersing, mixing materials with high viscous, high solid contain, called YINYAN vertical planetary power mixer;
2)Application for mixing low-middle viscous materials, such as triple shaft mixer, twin shaft mixer, etc.
3)Application for mixing, dissolving low viscous mixing equipment, such as high-speed disperser, mixing vessel, mixing tank, etc.
3.Divide according to the applicable industries
1)High viscous double planetary mixer, applicable materials including adhesives, Lithium battery slurry, solder paste, sealant, PU glue, silica gel, paste, etc.
2)Triple shaft mixer, dual shaft mixer, applicable materials including ink, coating, painting, putty, glue, etc.
3)Dispersion mixer, mixing equipment, applicable materials including low viscous coating, or other fluid materials, etc.
4)Emulsifying mixer for making cosmetics, cream, shampoo, lotion, etc.
5)Large storage tank, mixing vessel with pressure or not, other special chemical equipment.
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