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Brief Analysis: making methods and related mixing equipment of lithium electronic positive and negative battery slurry

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In recent years, lithium battery, as the main solution of automotive power battery, has many manufacturing processes, and various solutions exist in the equipment industry for each process. At the same time, with the development, new solutions come into the industry. The manufacture of lithium battery is divided into three stages: electrode plate manufacture, cell assembly and formation test. One of the electrode plate production is divided into paste preparation, coating, roll pressure, cutting four links, here we will do a simple introduction about production methods and battery slurry making machine
Lithium ion battery electrode manufacturing, anode paste by adhesive, conductive agent, anode material composition; Negative paste is composed of adhesive, graphite powder and so on. The production of positive and negative slurry includes a series of technological processes, such as mixing, dissolving and dispersing between liquid and liquid, and between liquid and solid materials, and all of them are accompanied by changes in temperature, viscosity and environment. In positive and negative electrode paste, particle dispersion and uniformity of active material direct response to the movement of lithium ion in battery electrodes, therefore in the lithium ion battery pole piece material during the production of pulp mixing dispersion is crucial, scattered pulp quality, directly affects the subsequent lithium-ion battery production quality and the performance of the product.
There is several kinds of lithium battery slurry making machine, some common type as below:
1.Vacuum dual planetary dispersion mixer 
Adopt running principle of rotation and revolution at the same time, combine the special design of mixing agitator, it can make the material complete shearing, kneading, and then reach the purpose of dissolving and mixing. 
2.Dual shaft mixer for battery slurry mixing
The raw materials of positive and negative anodes (powder and liquid) are accurate measurement, and then finishing the slurry processes of mixing, dispersing, grinding, vacuum, etc. After that outputting to next production process. 
3.Horizontal coulter type blender 
Horizontal coulter type blender consists of transmission part, mixing agitator, cylinder body, high-speed fly knife. The agitator ploughshares at high speed for material in addition to the axial dispersion, also will lead to the material flow around the circular cylinder as, effectively solve the problem of material layer, the middle of the high-speed fly knife for auxiliary mixing and dispersion depolymerization of agglomeration effect. Under the dual action of plowshares and flying knives, materials can be evenly mixed in a short time.
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