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Application of YINYAN dual planetary mixer in Li-battery paste making

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As a new energy material, lithium battery paste is widely used in modern industry. With the development of modern industry, the quality requirement of lithium battery paste is higher and higher, so the requirement of lithium battery paste making machine is more and more strict. As the mixing equipment of lithium battery paste, YINYAN dual planet mixer is a good choice.
YINYAN dual planet mixer is a new mixer designed and made by combining advanced science and technology at domestic and abroad. Adopt unique mixing structure design, equipped with a low-speed stirring shaft of high-speed dispersing shaft and scraper device, etc., the agitator in revolve around mixing barrel, high speed dispersion and low-speed stirring at the same time also in rotation, then materials can be found strong mechanical shear and the effect of kneading, so as to achieve material emulsion, scattered and mixed with the goal of fully, the mixing effect of this kind of structure equipment is common mixing machine several times. In addition, equipped with a scraper device, in the process of stirring the wall barrel without retention of battery paste, improve the mixing effect. Dual planetary mixer is vacuum resistant machine, which can be used for vacuum pumping, heating and cooling. It can meet the requirements of wet mixing process for lithium battery paste.
Advantages of YINYAN dual planetary mixer:
1.Small gap
There is very small gap between paddle and paddle, paddle and inner wall barrel, paddle and barrel bottom, all of these can make the stirring no dead corner, high kneading effect, and make materials mutual penetration and fusion in a very short time.
2.High efficiency production 
Unique design of mixing and dispersing structure, greatly improve the working capacity of the li-battery paste making machine, can carry out efficient production.
3.No residual, discharging clearly
Special design makes the mixture material uniform, and the scrapers can ensure no residual on the inner barrel. Not only improve the mixing efficiency, but also ??ensure the high quality of the li-battery paste.
4.Low noise
Precision machining parts, high degree of fit, small wear, low noise while running.
5.Good sealing
Double sealed mechanical seal structure, fully sealed planetary transmission box, and high vacuum keeping, ensure the mixing process complete no pollution.
6.High strength
According to different mixing process, strict strength calculation, suitable for high viscosity, high solid content positive and negative li-battery paste, binder.
7.Easy operation
Independent electrical control cabinet, button type operation panel, or could be designed as PLC touching screen according to customers’ requirements.
For different battery paste manufacturing enterprises, they have different production processes. Then the requirements of battery paste making machine are also different. YINYAN dual planetary mixer can be designed according to customers’ actual production conditions.
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